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An Earthy, Natural Kitchen Remodel is Cheaper Than You Think

Modern kitchen styles incorporate open shelving, crisp white cabinetry and bold hardware.

Our inspiration for this remodel comes from this clean, earthy kitchen. New flooring, new tile, painting or getting new cabinets all seem like a lot of work, but you would be surprised how affordable it can be to redo your kitchen when pointed in the right direction. Nowadays people are learning how to lay their own tile and interlocking floor tiles from Home Depot have legitimately changed the game. There are a multitude of videos on YouTube that can show you how to do these things yourself. But, if #DIY is definitely not for you, rest assured that we have at the very least sourced some great cheap options for you to take to your local contractor.


Aged Bronze Globe Pendant | The Home Depot

This simple, vintage inspired pendant light comes in two sizes - 9" and 12" - which is a great opportunity to mix the sizes and lengthen together to create a unique moment in your space. OH, and did we mention the vintage bulb is included!? Yeah, that almost never happens.. Pick up a few of these for the super low price of cheap $79.97 here.

Carbon Loft Carmen High Gloss Brown Extra Large Dining Table | Overstock

This table is stunning! Period! Notice the industrial motif we have going on here... Dark aged bronze is featured in the light fixtures and legs of our selected dupes. Available at Overstock for only $238.

Carson Carrington Lafsekulla Faux Suede Dining Chair | Overstock

Faux suede chairs will add another layer of the natural element to this space. The best part about this selection is that it's a set of 4 (!!!!!) for $229. That's only $57 per chair. Wow.

Golden Lighting Smyth Collection 5-Light Gunmetal Bronze Island Pendant | The Home Depot

Okay, this select is a bit more pricey than some of the other items in this post, but sometimes you have to get a signature piece that elevates all the more moderately priced things in your space. It's a trick that many interior designers use. This Home Depot Pendant is $338 online now.

Swiss Madison Delice Farmhouse Ceramic 30 in. x 18 in. Kitchen Sink | The Home Depot

The great thing about newly popular farmhouse sinks are not only their simple beauty, but their ability to match any style decor. That's why we've included it here. The ribbed detail on the front makes this sink even more unique. $339.89 at Home Depot, of course.

Modena Olive 12 in. x 24 in. Matte Ceramic Floor and Wall Tile | The Home Depot

I live for this tile. It's the definition of earthy and natural. This ceramic tile gives the appearance of stone with lines resembling a geode... To die for. And the price... an astounding $1.40 per sq ft. Making it only $898.20/pallet which covers Covers 640 sq. ft. To put that into perspective, you could redo most kitchens for less than one thousand dollars. That's a phenomenal deal.

Momeni Anatolia Wool and Nylon Area Rug | Rugs Done Right

I love how worn this rug looks. Rustic elements really help a space look properly lived in. Brand new, sparkling items are actually the opposite of how to make your home look luxe these days. It's decor pieces that have texture or an eclectic feel that are much more of a statement. This rug achieves exactly that. Oh, and it's only $168 and comes in various sizes to fit between your cabinets and island in your kitchen.

Ivy Hill Tile Nantucket Beige 2 in. x 20 in. Polished Ceramic Wall Tile | The Home Depot

This tile is may not immediately seem very affordable, but once considering the uniquely thin shape, you'll realize that similarly shaped tile with the same worn and unique coloring is usually significantly more expensive. This tile would look even more dynamic if laid in a chevron pattern.

At $7.79/sq. ft. ($41.91/case — Covers 5.38 sq. ft.) this tile will look great in your home.

Natural Floating Wood Wall Shelf | Hobby Lobby

Ah, who doesn't love Hobby Lobby? Such a great resource for cheap goodies. Grab a few of these 24" shelves to place your decorative bowls and serving ware. Tip: these will also look great in a dining room and will tie the two rooms together.

$19.99 (WOAH) right here.

Well, that's everything for this mood board. Check in with us next week for more stylish dupes of your favorite high end brands and make sure to follow us on Instagram!


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